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Community Kiosks

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Kiosk Partner Deployment Requirements and Guidelines
A fair and accurate count will be achieved in the Quad Cities by key partners like you engaging and assisting the community in every effort possible! Currently we are seeking partners to help us in deploying We Count! Community Kiosks throughout our area. We Count! Community Kiosks are public places that host a decide that allows individuals to complete the 2020 Census online. 

What are the We Count! Community Kiosk site requirements? 

What kind of sites are you looking for?
In order to reach all corners of the community, we want to engage with host partners who are already established and trusted, and where people often have extra time that they could use to complete the census. Suggestions include, but are not limited to: Libraries, Health care facilities, Religious institutions, Post office, Local businesses, Department of Motor Vehicles, Laundromats, Barbershops, and Community centers.

What does a We Count! Community Kiosk site look like?
The features of the space in which kiosks are hosted make a world of difference. When working in public spaces, it's important to find a place that is both highly visible to patrons, and that matches the comfort of the owner or manager of the space. If you are transforming a non-traditional space into a learning space, it's important to have info about it posted everywhere. People will not intuitively know that services are for them, so signs that say "yes, please use us!" will go a long way. Having standard signage and communications - in the languages that community members speak - across all kiosk locations can help people know that a location is an official, trusted kiosk.

What is the timeline for a We Count! Community Kiosk Site?
Kiosk progams operate in full force during the primary response period from March 12 through April 30, with some kiosks remaining publicly available through the end of July. The partner site itself selects the days and hours the kiosk will be open.

How do we staff a We Count! Community Kiosk Site?
Kiosks can be much more effective if staff or volunteers are nearby to answer questions and provide assistance to answering basic questions about the census and its purpose. Please note that having a nearby staff member or volunteer is suggested in case a need arises, such as requesting assistance with technology. Partners should create an environment where individuals can respond without interference. This environment should ensure that someone’s responses cannot be seen by anyone unless they are a sworn Census Bureau employee.

Only Census Bureau employees may collect responses directly from individuals, a staff or volunteer may not enter an individual’s responses for them or watch them enter their responses. If a member of the public requests assistance in completing their form, please direct them to the response option (online, phone, mail/paper, census taker visit to the home) that best suits their needs. If they still request your assistance with online response, you can provide this assistance but please inform them that you are not a Census Bureau employee and therefore their answers are not protected by law with you.

How do we sign up as a We Count! Community Kiosk Site?
We are so excited to have you join us! Please visit this link to complete the application. We will then add your site (including hours of operation) to our website when it is complete.

Do you have other resources available?
Yes! You may download and use any of the logos here (available in English and Spanish) for your marketing materials. If you need a custom logo created, please email

We have provided some signs for you to download, print and post here. Volunteers and staff working at the Community Kiosk location should review this training and view this video on completing the 2020 Census online.

View a list of current community kiosk sites here.